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Living Room with Plants


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Stone Circle was born to fill the deep need for a collective space where not only are there incredible artists- but conscious and connected human beings who are aware of the healing and transformation that tattoo brings.

We are creating a Sacred Space that provides safety and nurturing as your artists lay the lines in your skin. At Stone Circle, a tattoo is not simply a picture on your skin. It is deeper than that. It is a ritual. It is an intention. It is a sacred marking. It is a transformation. It is a healing. It gives way for new life as new vibrations enter you.

We understand the importance of sacred markings and the space needed to receive full integration in the moment. We are thrilled to be finally bringing to life a space filled with artists that honour all of this. This is your sacred space.

Decorative Dry Plant


The vibe of Stone Circle is something we are carefully curating. We want Stone Circle to vibrate at a high frequency, and we want you to be able to feel it when you walk through the doors.


We want you to feel you’ve entered somewhere sacred (because you have), and we want your nervous system to relax so you can get the most out of your experience.

Nature is important to us at Stone Circle and we want to fill the space with Her as much as we can. Our space will be cosy and intimate- Think mood lighting, the right music, dark greens and browns, plants, stones, tree branches.. all the yummy stuff!

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